Zeldriia’s Magic

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Zeldriia’s Magic Deluxe Edition Print Set


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A beautiful, scantily clad Elf maiden casts a mysterious spell in the lush depths of a secluded forest. Her long, copper colored hair flows in the breeze as the glowing jewel in her staff pulses with seductive Elven energy. Behold the power of Zeldriia’s Magic!

Zeldriia is a character created by an author in England named Sean Bradley for a book he’s writing. Sean commissioned the painting, ‘Zeldriia’s Magic‘, and I thought it would make a really nice fantasy art print.

The ‘Zeldriia’s Magic‘ Deluxe Edition Print features the full color print, shown and described above, plus a 13″ x 19″ black & white print of the drawing done for the ‘Zeldriia’s Magic‘ painting. This print is also signed and numbered by the artist and cosigned by the model for the painting, Christine. Both prints are limited to 500 copies.

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