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The Art of The Dragon (Hardcover)


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The Art of The Dragon: The Definitive Collection of Contemporary Dragon Paintings compiled and edited by Patrick Wilshire & J. David Spurkock

Published by Vanguard Productions, this is a great collection of dragon artwork by a variety of fantasy artists. Clyde has an 8 page section in the book featuring his work. In addition to all the great dragon art, the artists provide commentary on dragons and their approach to painting them.

The other artists featured in the book are Julie Bell, Jeff Easley, Bob Eggleton, Larry Elmore, Donato Giancola, Stephen Hickman, John Howe, Todd Lockwood, Keith Parkinson, Boris Vallejo and Michael Whelan (who provides the image used on the cover of the book.)

If you’re a lover of dragon artwork, this book is a must have addition to your library.

The book measures roughly 9″ X 12″. Each book bought from this website will be signed by Clyde Caldwell.


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