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Clyde Caldwell Portfolio


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All Artwork ©2014, 2024  Clyde Caldwell  All Rights Reserved
Portfolio ©2014, 2024 Books & Cards S.G.J.S All Rights Reserved
“Gun Mage” ©2014, 2024 Privateer Press  All Rights Reserved

This is a full color portfolio published by Galerie Nemesis in the Czech Republic. It consists of 6 large images measuring 10 3/16″ X 15 5/16″ and 6 small images measuring approximately 4 3/8″ X 7″.

The large images are: Cally’s War, Cheetah Girl, Mimi on the Moon, Gun Mage, There Will Be Dragons, The Survivors.

The small images are: Strange Relations, Demon’s Gate, The return of Nathan, Brazil, Sea of Time, Elfhome.

The artwork is beautifully packaged in a full color folder. Each portfolio sold through this website will be signed & numbered by the artist, Clyde Caldwell.

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